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As part of its goal to overcome obstacles in realizing the full benefits of the application of genomic methods for cancer diagnosis and the guidance of precision treatment, the BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center and the TCRB has made genomic sequence data from high quality human tumor specimens with matched normal freely available to the public without the barriers that other, more restrictive data sharing initiatives impose.

You can access whole exome and some other sequence data from a select group of TCRB cancer patients from the broader population who have given consent to release the data to anyone in the public domain for use in cancer investigations, developing new analytical tools, training on current data analysis methodologies and other items of general use to the scientific community. They are not, however, intended to be used to attempt to re-identify the patients or to make broad conclusions about any relationship between one patient’s genetic changes and the diagnosed type of cancer. By clicking the link below, you agree to not attempt to re-identify participants.

TCRB would like to acknowledge the Texas cancer patients who have generously donated to the Texas Cancer Research Biobank. We sincerely appreciate the time and thought that you have put into this process. Thank you for recognizing this vision to further cancer research; without your voluntary contribution, this collection and data release would not be possible.

Click here to access data. By clicking this button you agree to never attempt to re-identify these participants and to abide by our Conditions of Use.