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Download Instructions

Once you have created your account to download the open access data, you may login to your account using your web browser, an SFTP client, or SFTP via a command line interface.

You cannot access your account through plain FTP or FTPS.

Downloading through a web browser

Use a Web browser to connect at:

For instructions on using the web client interface, log in and click on the "help" link that is located near the top, right-hand corner of the interface.

Downloading through SFTP

Using an SFTP client

Please use the following settings to configure your SFTP client software.

Server name:
Port: 9910
Protocol: SFTP (or SSH File Transfer Protocol)

We do not endorse a particular SFTP client. Please check with your IT department for recommended software.

Using the command line interface

You can use command line SFTP by entering the following command:

sftp -oPort=9910

Some useful SFTP commands:
cd somedirectory Move into a directory if needed
get * Download all files in current directory to your local machine
get somefilename.bam Download a specific file
exit Close the connection